For the last couple weeks I’ve been really focused on things that don’t create output that’s worth sharing online. I haven’t posted a photo in a while and I sure haven’t been writing as much as I should be.

This year, both my kids (15 & 16), who have been doing home-school for nearly 7 years have gone back into the public school system. It was a big transition for both of them, my daughter thrived, but my son revolted. After weeks of trying to inspire him, motivate him and reprimand him, he said he was the most unhappy he’s ever been - and that was tough. He’s a lot like me - not a big fan of people, not a big fan of bathroom policies and I was able to pull some strings and get him into a remote version of the same school. So although he’s back to doing school from home, he has access to the public school’s resources for guidance counseling, extra-curricular activities, and even tutoring and study groups. The biggest issue with the transition to remote learning was that he needed to make up the previous 8 weeks of work, nearly doubling his workload.

So every night, after nearly 8 hours of work for me and 6 hours of schooling for him, we’ve sat down for several hours - practicing math, studying history, and putting time into catching up. He’s never once complained, he’s thriving again, and is giving it all his energy to never have to go back to in-person school. How can I argue with that, I made the same proclamation about work - Why should anyone force him to go back when he knows what works for him…

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