For years I was an unofficial spokesperson for #Figma. I tried my best to convince everyone that it was the future of design and, for a while, people resisted. There wasn’t a tool out there that could do what Figma did. For anyone that’s been watching, it has somehow become the de-facto tool for interface design, for good reason. One of the reasons I loved it so much was that it wasn’t #Adobe, but I’m not going to get into that here.

Almost every piece of software I use in my work (outside of my day job) is open source, with Figma being the one exception. I’ve played around with a lot of different options for open source #UX, but there just wasn’t anything that could compare.

And then came PenPot. I’ve been watching from afar as it has developed, played around to get a feel for the features, but never delved deep into using it in my regular workflow. Today, however, as I start a new freelance project, PenPot is where I’m starting and I plan on doing all my freelance/personal work from here on out with it.

Figma, I appreciate you but I have to move on. Team #PenPot!

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