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#Calckey, #Akkoma, #Pleroma, #Misskey, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #Peertube, #Pixelfed, #Lemmy, and #Kbin should all have built-in support for #IPFS and optionally be public gateways. It’s a wasted opportunity to not utilize the InterPlanetary FileSystem for hosting and serving media of the fediverse, and spreading out the load across all servers and clients and frankly it wouldn’t take too much to add it in. If a client doesn’t have built-in support for IPFS then the servers can fall-back to serving the IPFS content through their built-in public gateways.

Does it add complexity? Yes. But at what cost? By lowering the bar for entry for new servers and significantly reducing the hosting costs for server operators which will hopefully translate into more servers and a more healthy fediverse overall.

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